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TREX Transcend Glass Railing

Sleek…sophisticated…yet simple. TREX Transcend glass railing offers unobstructed views and a clean look. Mix and match your deck supplies with this line of TREX railing to create the look that suits your lifestyle. Every color combination is within reach. And pre-designed kits eliminate any guesswork. Let’s get started!

Follow the simple steps below to purchase your TREX Transcend glass railing deck supplies.

NOTE: We strongly recommend following TREX Railing installation guides for best results.

Step 1: Top & Bottom Rails
Step 2: Post Sleeve, Cap & Skirt
Step 3: Infill Kits
Step 4: Parts
Step 5: Final Touches
Step 1: Top & Bottom Rails
TREX Transcend Railing Vintage Lantern and White posts

Step 1: Top & Bottom Rails

Choose your color

Start your railing order by selecting the desired color. 
  • TREX Transcend glass railing is available in six colors: Classic White, Charcoal Black, Gravel Path, Rope Swing, Tree House, and Vintage Lantern.

Determining the number of sections

TREX Transcend glass railing is available in 6' sections. 
  • Make a drawing of your deck and determine how many TREX Transcend glass railing sections you will need. 
  • Try to make all railing sections on a row the same size. (For 20 feet of railing, create four 5' sections with 6' rails – rather than 6', 6', 6', 2'.) 
  • Section length is measured from the center of the post to the center of the post. Therefore, the actual size of 6' sections will be slightly less than six feet.
Step 2: Post Sleeve, Cap & Skirt
TREX Transcend Railing Vintage Lantern

Step 2: Post Sleeve, Post Cap & Post Skirt

TREX Transcend Post Sleeves, Caps, and Skirt railing supplies are sold separately.
  • When you select post kits for TREX Transcend glass railing, you can choose 4"x4" posts or 6"x6" posts. 6"x6" post sleeves are available only in white.
  • Please note that these are TREX post sleeves and must be installed over 4x4 lumber posts or TREX Post surface mounts.
  • For a clean, seamless look, choose TREX post sleeves, caps, and skirt deck supplies of the same color. 
  • Below are TREX Transcend post kits in two separate sections with 4"x4" and 6"x6" options.

Step 3: Infill Kits
TREX Transcend Railing Vintage Lantern

Step 3: Infill Kits

TREX Transcend infill kits for glass panels are available in 6 Transcend colors:  Classic White, Charcoal Black, Gravel Path, Rope Swing, Tree House, and Vintage Lantern.
The height of the glass will determine the height of your TREX Transcend railing. 
Refer to your local building codes to determine the required railing height.
The following requirements apply in Ontario:
  • If the deck/porch height is above-grade 5' or more, your handrail should be 42" high (from the deck surface).
  • If the deck/porch height is less than 5' above-grade, your handrail should be 36" high (from the deck surface).
  • If the deck/porch height is less than 2' above-grade, a railing is not required.
Step 4: Parts

Step 4: Parts

Select the number of cut kits you will need.

  • TREX Transcend infill kits (Step 3) include the necessary quantity of cut kits (brackets) to install a single section.
  • TREX Transcend railing cut kits are the perfect cost-effective solution for installations that require making two railing sections from one kit. 
  • Cut kits include the necessary brackets and gaskets to mount one horizontal section of TREX Transcend railing.
  • The TREX Transcend railing 45-degree bracket kit includes brackets to install one complete section on Transcend railing under 45 degrees to the post. This pack works with 4x4 posts.

Post Surface Mounts

Want to install TREX Transcend railing posts directly onto your deck or porch? Use TREX post surface mounts.

  • Install railing posts directly onto a deck or porch without using a 4x4 treated post.
  • Designed for use on decks and concrete surfaces.
Step 5: Final Touches
TREX transcend LED lighting

Step 4: Final Touches - TREX Lighting

The right lighting can transform your outdoor space from invisible to inviting. TREX offers a complete line of LED lighting options to cast a warm glow on stairs, railing posts, perimeters, and more.
Use the following tips as you select the finishing touches for your TREX Transcend railing:
  • For best results, choose TREX lighting fixtures that are the same colour as your TREX Post Kit.
  • Note that TREX lighting operates on DC power. NEVER mix AC and DC fixtures on the same circuit. Doing so will result in premature fixture failure and is not covered by the TREX limited warranty. 
  • You must use a TREX transformer on all TREX lighting installations.
  • Install wiring and splitters before installing decking and railing.
  • Use male-to-male connection wire (lengths vary) to connect to each required splitter.
  • DO NOT run wires between deck boards and joists. Wiring must travel under the deck and behind the risers. 
TREX Transcend deck rail light
Tucked discreetly under the cap, post cap lights provide a warm downward glow and easy wayfinding.
TREX Transcend post cap light
These indirect lights reside directly on the rail post to illuminate the beautiful deck below.
TREX Transcend wedge deck light
Rail Wedge lights turn a daytime-only deck into a warm, inviting space for dinners and entertaining.
TREX Signature Gate

TREX Gates

Complete your TREX Transcend decking with seamless accessibility and security. An aluminum TREX gate blends perfectly with your TREX Transcend railing. 
  • Available in three distinct powder-coated finishes: Black, Bronze, and White.
  • Welded panel features your choice of square or round aluminum balusters.
  • Adjustable up to 48" wide. (Trim the panel to the size you need and slide the posts on.)
  • Installs perfectly with the TREX Gate Hardware Kit (Sold Separately).

Order Glass Railing in 5 Simple Steps

1. Select your color
  • TREX Transcend glass railing is available in 6 colors: 
  • Classic White, Charcoal Black, Gravel Path, Rope Swing, Tree House, Vintage Lantern
2. Determine the number of sections you’ll need
  • TREX Transcend glass railing is available in 6’ sections.
3. Choose the height of your railing
  • Check local building codes to ensure compliance.
4. Order your TREX Transcend glass railing parts
  • Select the railings and kits you desire to create your custom TREX railing.
  • See the tabs above for more details on specific deck supplies.
5. Add the finishing touches
  • Enhance your deck with TREX lighting and a TREX gate for the ultimate outdoor oasis.
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