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  • Ready Pine

    Pre-finished tongue and groove panels.
    Ready Pine is the fast and convenient way to install your pre-finished tongue and groove pine for ceilings and walls.

Pre-finished panels

Our superior fit end-matched panels come pre-finished and sealed on the back to prevent warping.

No more messes

Choose from variety of factory applied stains and say goodbye to drips, runs and odours.

Easy installation

Choose from variety of factory applied stains and say goodbye to drips, runs and odours.

Profile description

End Matching Ready Pine profile

End Matching

With T&G on the ends, there is no need to splice over a stud or joist. When you reach the end of a row, take the off-cut back to the beginning to start the next row. Installation time & waste are greatly reduced.

V-match Ready Pine profile

V-Match Profile

V-Match profile features a "V" shaped slot between each panel. 

Ship Lap Ready Pine profile

Shiplap (Nickel Gap) Profile

The shiplap (Nickel Gap) profile features a channel between each panel. 
The depth of the channel is 1/8”, and the width is 1/8” for 6” wide panels and 1/4” for 8” wide panels.
MDF - Ready Architectural - Opaque

MDF - Architectural - Opaque

MDF V-Joint T&G and EM or Nickel Gap (Shiplap) and EM Cloud White.

Premium Finishing

The wood stained with over 10 different translucent colour options. This process draws out the natural features of the Lodgepole Pine species by enhancing the grain structure and knots. A low-sheen topcoat is then applied to give the final product a silky smooth, furniture-grade quality finish.

The backs are also sealed to help prevent cupping and warping. And the tongues are stained too – this is important because if they are not, as the pine expands and contracts slightly through the seasons, the tongues will show the raw white wood and touch-ups would be required each year.

Natural Beauty

Ready Pine is available in 12 stain colours that each enhance the wood's look. The colours are translucent, which allows the wood grain and knots to show through. Ready Pine is also available in a clear finish that does not alter the natural colour of the wood but allows it to mellow over time, giving it a rich, warm character that only quality wood can offer. They are all top coated with the same clear finish as the natural colour, giving it a smooth, professional look. Some colours offer a more traditional look, while others are more contemporary.
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