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    Maibec Siding

    Maibec products have been dressing North American homes for over 40 years. Whether used alone or combined with Maibec moulding or shingles, Maibec siding will lend organic beauty and warmth to any architectural style for years to come.

Maibec Siding

Maibec is a North American benchmark for residential and commercial integrated siding systems. For over 40 years Maibec offers innovative installation solutions with a complete range of complementing siding products of proven quality. Maibec products and systems are backed by credible warranties. Maibec’s flexible and complementary siding allows to create a project that suits any architectural trend while also reflecting your personal tastes.
For manufacturing processes Maibec choses only wood meeting high quality standards. Every board of Maibec siding goes thorough strict quality standards. Maibec’s drying technology allows us to produce balanced boards with optimal stain adhesion and minimal movement in extreme conditions. This technology allows to control moisture content throughout the entire thickness of the siding, with very little variation from one board to another.
Maibec develops its stains in close partnership with top stain manufacturers. Maibec applies stains to all six faces of the siding in a controlled environment and dry it in a high-intensity kiln for optimal durability. Extreme conditions of testing enable to develop stains with protection against the damaging effects of the sun, inclement weather and the natural environment.

Maibec EM+ Express

Quick and convenient developed by Maibec, em+ siding installation system ensures siding locks perfectly into place >>> more

Maibec Direct Mill

Tell the color you want: no matter what color you choose, you can count on Maibec high-quality stains, factory applied on all six sides >>> more

Maibec Shingles

Maibec Shingles made of Eastern white cedar are available in a virtually endless variety of solid colours and semi-transparent stains. >>> more

Hardware & Accessories

Maibec innovative installation solutions offer a complete range of complementing siding products of proven superior quality >>> more

CanExel Siding

Maibec CanExel engineered siding is made with our exclusive premium thermoset paint. We apply multiple coats of this industrial paint and then cure it at very high temperatures >>>more

Order Maibec Samples

Follow the link and order your Maibec samples.

Create up to 5 colour samples for your project. The sample is used to validate your choice of colour. Once your favorite colour is selected, this sample will be used to make your custom order at the factory.

TIP: Being limited in the number of samples you can order, you should choose samples of different colours rather than the same colour in different profiles. 

Maibec Designer

Follow the Maibec Designer link and design your dream house. Visualize designs in your own property. Have your home professionally prepared ready to use in Maibec visualizer.

Upload a photo of your home and get in 2 business days professionally prepared ready to use interactive image.

Maibec siding Buying guide

- Find your inspiration.

Maibec online projects will help you form a clearer idea of the overall look you want to achieve. 

- Select your products and colors.

- Order your samples.

- Plan your project.

Will you be hiring a contractor to do the work, or will you be installing the siding yourself? 

- Find a contractor.

We recommend that you read installation guide even if a contractor will be doing the work; that way you’ll be able to understand and follow the installation process while the work is in progress.

- Set a budget.

- Order your Maibec products.

- Prepare for installation.

- Keep an eye on the work.

- Maintain your siding.

Consult Maibec Maintenance Guide for more information.

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