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TimberTech Impression Rail Express Glass Railing

Open up your view!

TimerTech Impression Rail Express Glass Railing creates a clear, solid barrier for enhanced safety and aesthetics. 

  • Keeps your view open and inviting
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of losing small items through balusters
  • Creates a wind barrier to protect your relaxation and entertaining time

Get started with the simple steps below to purchase your TimberTech Impression Rail Express deck supplies. 

We strongly recommend following the TimberTech Impression Rail Express installation guide for best results.

Step 1: Railing Panels
Step 2: Post Kits
Step 3: Top Rails
Step 4 - Final Touches
Gate Kit
Accessories & Parts
Step 1: Railing Panels
TimberTech Impression Rail Exprerss

Step 1: Select Glass Railing panel

Choose your colour

Start your railing order by selecting the desired colour. 
TimberTech Impression Rail Express is available in three colours: Bronze, White, and Black

Determine the railing section height

The height of the railing is determined by the inserted glass panel.
Note: TimberTech Impression Rail Express does not include a glass insert. Inserts should be ordered from a glass company.

Determine the number of railing panels

Railing panels are available in 6' lengths.
Railing panel length is measured from the center of the post to the center of the post. Therefore, the actual length of the railing panel is slightly less than 6’ (by approximately 3”).
Note: Panel must be installed with a Top Rail or a Drink Rail, attached with Drink Rail clips (see Step 3).

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Glass Panels

Step 2: Post Kits
Fortres Drink Rail with Proud Post application

Step 2: Select Post Kits

  • TimberTech Aluminum 3”x3” Posts kits are available in 38.25", 43.5" and 48" heights. 
  • Post kits include post base covers (Post Skirts) and Post Caps. 
  • Post Skirts and Post Caps are also available separately if needed.


When determining number and sizes of post kits you should always consider a higher size of the post for the post that goes to the downstairs. This would eliminate the railing section's top rail to be attached to the very top of the post.

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Post Kits

Step 3: Top Rails
Fortress Traditional Aluminum Railing Al13Home with over-the-post application

Step 3: Select Top Rails

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Glass railing offers three top rail options: 
  • Classic Top rail
  • Modern Top rail
  • Drink Rail
Number of glass panels = Number of top rails
  • Select the same number and lengths of top rails as you selected for the panels in Step 1

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Top Rails

Step 4 - Final Touches
Fortress accents-LED outdoor lighting

Step 4: Final Touches - TimberTech LED Lighting

Complete your deck design with the perfect final touches: TimberTech LED lighting. 
This design element adds functionality and enhanced aesthetics to your decking masterpiece. Consider your setting and deck usage to determine which integrated deck lighting to add to your outdoor space.
TimberTech offers a complete line of LED deck lighting to put the finishing touches on your TimberTech railing.
  • Under-Rail Lights
  • Accent Lights
  • In-Deck Lights
  • Island Caps
  • Post Cap lights
  • Riser lights
Gate Kit
Fortress Accents

TimberTech Gate Kit

Enhance your TimberTech railing system with seamless accessibility. TimberTech’s Impression Rail Express Gate Kit makes it easy to add a premium gate to your outdoor living space.

Designed for up to 50” openings
  • Measure between posts to determine opening size

Gate Kit Includes:

  • One (1) - Picket Panel
  • Two (2) - Snap Covers
  • Two (2) - Gate End Posts w/ Welded Rods
  • Sixteen (16) - 3/4" Self-Drilling Screws
  • Two (2) - Self-Closing Hinges
  • One (1) - Locking Latch Kit w/ Key
  • Four (4) - Gate Support Brackets
  • Sixteen (16) - Colour Matched Self-Drilling Screws

TimberTech Impression Rail Express Gate kit

$556.98 - $613.74
TimberTech Impression Rail Express Gate Kit
Quick View
Accessories & Parts
  • TimberTech Impression Rail Express Glass Panel Kit contains all the necessary brackets to attach a single railing section to Posts. 
If you are creating two or more sections out of one standard railing section, you will need an additional hardware kit for each additional railing section.
  • If your deck layout requires bisecting 45-degree level corners, use the Impression Rail Express Glass Level 22.5-degree Bracket Kit.

Order Railing in 5 Simple Steps

1. Select your colour
TimberTech Impression Rail Express railing is available in 3 colours: Bronze, Black, and White
2. Determine the number of sections you’ll need
TimberTech Impression Rail Express railing is available in 6’ and 8’ sections.
3. Choose the height of your railing
Check local building codes to ensure compliance.
4. Order your TimberTech railing parts
Select the railings and kits you desire to create your custom TimberTech railing.
See the tabs above for more details on specific deck supplies.
5. Add the finishing touches
Enhance your deck with TimberTech lighting and a TimberTech gate for the ultimate outdoor oasis.
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