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Fortress Evolver Fencing offers a blend of innovative design and environmental consciousness. It features aluminum-framed bamboo composite boards, providing robustness and aesthetic appeal. Key attributes include customizable designs, weather-resistant properties, and low maintenance needs. This fencing solution is ideal for those seeking a sustainable, durable, and visually appealing option for their outdoor space.

Evolver Benefits


Long-lasting and low-maintenance

    Attractive composite look

    Efficient streamlined installation

      Directional flexibility

      Simple slope correction

        Post Mounts
        Post & Post Cap
        Rail Kit
        Fence Boards
        Optional Items
        Post Mounts

        Evolver Post Mounts

        Select your preferred post base—Evolver Mounted Base or Sunken Base—and ensure you order an equal number of bases to match the quantity of Octagonal posts you require. Keep in mind that the maximum span for one section of Evolver fencing, including the width of one post, is six feet.

        Post & Post Cap

        Evolver Post & Post Cap

        The Evolver octagonal post, unlike traditional posts, enables effortless 45° transitions, making it ideal for yards and spaces with unusual angles. Its design includes four additional flat faces, enhancing the precision in positioning fence panels—a task that's more challenging with round posts.

        Rail Kit

        Evolver Rail Kit

        The Eva-Last Evolver Rail Kit comes with aluminum top and bottom rails, two aluminum top rail fixing clips, and stainless steel cross-head screws for securing the clips. After the octagonal post is installed, insert the bottom rail support, followed by the bottom rail. This support is adjustable, allowing for easy leveling of the rail.

        Kit includes:
        • Aluminum Top Rail
        • Aluminum Bottom Rail
        • Aluminum Top Rail Fixing Clip
        • Aluminum Bottom rail support
        Fence Boards

        Capped Bamboo Composite Fence Board

        For each fencing section, plan on using eight boards. However, the number of boards can be reduced if you incorporate an Aluminum intermediate structural decorative beam, such as the Eva-Last Fence Evolver Beam.

        Optional Items
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