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Infinite Creativity, designed to withstand extreme temperatures, these low-maintenance, durable planters are constructed of lightweight, recycled aluminum and use industrial strength powder coating technology developed with modern aesthetics in mind.

Bison Aluminum Planter Cubes & Trays

Bison aluminum cubes are made of powder coated aluminum. Powder coating is a dry finishing process that is applied electrostatically and cured under heat, creating a more resilient finish than conventional paint. The process does not emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air and allows Cubes to be coated with any RAL paint code color.
Bison Aluminum Cubes typically contain 20% recycled content, are 100% recyclable, include drain holes and irrigation sleeves, and are made in the USA. With an endless variety of size and color choices available, Bison Aluminum Cubes’ sleek and modern appearance compliments any rooftop deck.
Bison cubes may serve for you as a Planters, Seating, or Storage, the choice is yours. Bison Cubes make it easy to design a comfortable and beautiful outdoor environment. Bison Cubes integrate seamlessly with Bison Deck Systems. Instead of installing a Bison Wood Tile, set a Bison Cube in its place to use as a planter or add a Bison Ipe Cube Top for seating and storage.

Bison Aluminum Trays

Lightweight aluminum Bison Cube Trays expand the design options for rooftop environments. Used as a containment system for architectural rocks or other deck elements, the low clearance Cube Trays integrate seamlessly with Bison Cubes and Wood Tiles to create modern rooftop environments. The Cube Trays are corrosion resistant, made in the USA, and available in a variety of standard and custom size options that offer modular integration with Bison Pedestal Deck Systems.

Bison Ipe Cubes

Bison Ipe Wood Cubes and Ipe Wood Cube Tops offer an array of design options to incorporate seating, storage, and planters. With the long-lasting durability of dense hardwoods, Bison Wood Cubes and Tops can withstand harsh environments. The warm wood tones and varied grain patterns make Bison Wood Cubes the perfect compliment to any architectural rooftop application. Bison Wood Cubes feature a polyurethane lining and drainage holes making plant care and maintenance easy. Custom sizes and species are available as well.

Bison Site Furnishing Products

$1,488.65 - $8,015.24
Bison Aluminum Planter Cube
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$1,956.61 - $10,346.75
Bison Aluminum Planter Cube Oxidized Zinc Patina
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$216.18 - $388.59
Bison Cube Top
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$1,288.89 - $2,109.84
Bison Ipe Wood Planter Cube
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$413.21 - $585.61
Bison Silver Powder Coat Aluminum Tray
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