TimberTech Drink Rail

Innovative solutions to suit your lifestyle: Drink rail design uses a TimberTech deck board to create the perfect-sized top rail for relaxing and entertaining.

NOTE: DeckMart offers three lines of TimberTech Classic Series railing: Premier, Radiance, & Drink Railing. The only difference between these three lines is the top rail. The railing section itself is identical for all three lines. This design simplifies installation and purchasing – thank you TimberTech!

Get started with the simple steps below to purchase your TimberTech railing deck supplies.

We strongly recommend following the TimberTech Classic Series Railing installation guide for best results.

Step 1: Rail Kit & Rail Pack
Step 2: Post Sleeves, Caps & Skirts
Step 3: Balusters
Step 4: Parts
Step 5: Final Touches
Gate Kit
Step 1: Rail Kit & Rail Pack

Step 1: Select TimberTech Railing Kits

Choose your colour

Start your railing order by selecting the desired colour. 
  • TimberTech Classic Series Drink railing is available in two colours: White & Black

Determine the number of sections

TimberTech railing is available in 6' and 8' sections. 
  • Make a drawing of your deck and determine how many TimberTech railing sections you will need. 
  • Try to make all railing sections on a row the same size. (For 20 feet of railing, create four 5' sections with 6’ rails or three approximately 7' sections with 8' rails – rather than 6', 6', 8')
  • Section length is measured from the center of the post to the center of the post. Therefore, the actual size of 6' or 8' sections will be slightly less than six or eight feet.

Determine the number of Universal Bottom Rails

  • For the drink rail, you will purchase stand-alone TimberTech Universal Bottom Rails instead of the regular top rail
  • One section of railing = one Universal Bottom Rail
  • Order the same quantity of TimberTech Universal Bottom Rails as the number of sections in your deck railing.
  • The decking board (top rail in this case) should be installed (face-screwed) on the top of the Universal Bottom Rail. 
  • Use Starborn Pro Plug System for no-show screw installation.
  • Please note that TimberTech decking boards with scalloped profiles or grooves do not qualify as a top rail for the drink rail design. 

Which rail kit is right for me?

  • If you choose a TimberTech Classic Series Universal Rail kit, skip Step 3, since these kits include composite balusters. 
  • TimberTech "Laser etched" Universal Rail Packs are designed to be used ONLY with aluminum baluster infill, glass infill, and cable railing.
  • TimberTech Universal Rail Packs are designed to be used ONLY with composite baluster infills.

TimberTech Drink Rail Packs

TimberTech Classic Series Universal Rail Kits
TimberTech Classic Series Universal Rail Kits
TimberTech Universal Rail Pack
TimberTech Universal Rail Pack
$112.29 - $252.58
TimberTech Universal Bottom Rail
TimberTech Universal Bottom Rail
$47.85 - $50.84
Step 2: Post Sleeves, Caps & Skirts
Fortres Drink Rail with Proud Post application

Step 2: Select Post Kits

TimberTech Classic Series Post Sleeves, Caps, & Skirt railing supplies are sold separately.
  • When you select post kits for TimberTech Classic Series railing, you can choose 5"x5" posts or 5.5"x5.5" posts. 
  • Please note that these are TimberTech post sleeves and must be installed over 4x4 lumber posts or TimberTech Railing Secure Mount Posts (see Step 4).
  • For a clean, seamless look, choose TimberTech post sleeves, caps, and skirt deck supplies of the same colour. 
  • Below are TimberTech Classic Series post kits in two separate sections with 5"x5" and 5.5"x5.5" options.

TimberTech Classic Series 5"x5" Post Sleeves & Skirts for Drink Rail

TimberTech 5"x5" Post Sleeve
TimberTech 5"x5" Post Sleeve
$305.25 - $343.40
TimberTech Radiance Rail 5"x5" Post Skirt
TimberTech Railing Post Skirt 5x5
$15.27 - $17.81

TimberTech Classic Series 5.5"x5.5" Post Sleeves & Skirts for Drink Rail

TimberTech 5.5" x 5.5" Post Sleeve
TimberTech 5.5" x 5.5" Post Sleeve
$343.87 - $381.31
Timbertech Railing Post Skirt 5.5x5.5
TimberTech Railing Post Skirt 5.5x5.5
$17.93 - $20.99
Step 3: Balusters
Fortress Traditional Aluminum Railing Al13Home with over-the-post application

Step 3: Balusters

TimberTech Classic Series railing balusters are available in Black and White.
The baluster size determines the height of your TimberTech railing. 
  • Use 29" balusters for 36" railing
  • Use 31" balusters for 36" railing (with less than 2” gap between deck & bottom rail)
  • Use 35” for 42” railing 
  • Use 37” for 42” railing (with less than 2” gap between deck & bottom rail)
Refer to your local building codes to determine the required railing height.
The following requirements apply in Ontario:
  • If the deck/porch height is above-grade 5' or more, your handrail should be 42" high (from the deck surface).
  • If the deck/porch height is less than 5' above-grade, your handrail should be 36" high (from the deck surface).
  • If the deck/porch height is less than 2' above-grade, a railing is not required.

TimberTech Classic Series Balusters

TimberTech Universal Square Composite Baluster
TimberTech Universal Square Composite Baluster
$189.86 - $224.16
Step 4: Parts

Step 4: Parts

Hardware Kits
  • TimberTech Railing Universal Hardware Kit is compatible with Classic Composite Series Railing. 
  • If you are creating two or more sections out of one standard railing section, you will need additional hardware kits.
Mounting Kits
  • The Secure-Mount Post and Deck Mounting Kit allow for installation of railing posts directly onto a deck or porch surface without using a 4x4 treated post.
  • The Secure-Mount Post is designed for use on decks and concrete surfaces.

TimberTech Classic Series Parts

TimberTech Railing Universal Hardware Kit
TimberTech Railing Universal-4" Secure Mount Post
Azek&TimberTech Railing Universal-Deck Mounting Kit
Step 5: Final Touches
TimberTech Underrail light

Step 4: Final touches - TimberTech LED lighting

Complete your deck design with the perfect final touches: TimberTech LED lighting. Cast a soft glow on railing posts, stairs, perimeters, and more, for a touch of illumination and ambiance.
TimberTech offers a complete line of LED deck lighting to put the finishing touches on your outdoor space:
  • Under-Rail Lights
  • Accent Lights
  • In-Deck Lights
  • Island Caps
  • Post Cap lights
  • Riser lights

TimberTech LED Lighting for drink rail

AZEK & TimberTech Riser Light
TimberTech Riser Light
AZEK & TimberTech LED Accent Light
TimberTech LED Accent Light
Azek&TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/LED Deck Lights/Architectural Bronze
TimberTech LED Deck Lights-Architectural Bronze
Azek&TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/LED UnderRail Light
TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/LED UnderRail Light-4/pack
AZEK Lighting-150W Power Pack/Dimmer
Timbertech Lighting-150W Power Pack/Dimmer
Azek&TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/Transformer-12V100W
TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/Transformer-12V100W
Azek&TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/100’Wire16/2
TimberTech Railing Universal-Lighting/100' Wire16/2
Gate Kit
Fortress Accents

TimberTech Gate Kit

Enhance your TimberTech railing system with seamless accessibility. TimberTech’s Universal Gate Kit makes it easy to add a premium gate to your outdoor living space.
For use with RadianceRail®, Premier®, and Trademark™ product lines only.

Gate kit installation tips:

  • Gate kit allows for openings up to 48”.
  • Gates should always swing away from the stairs when opening.
  • Be sure to install on a post that is plumb; this is critical for the gate to operate properly.
  • Gate should be installed with composite balusters only.
  • Installation is easiest with two people.

TimberTech Gate Kit

AZEK & TimberTech 36" Universal Gate Kit
TimberTech 36" Universal Gate Kit
$530.71 - $613.46
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